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At TimeTransformed we explore the best mechanical watches, survivors from the glorious age of precision engineering. Today, new watch brands are appearing all the time, and thousands of men’s watches and women’s watches are launched on the market every year. Of these, some are interesting, and a few are mechanical masterpieces. We are looking for the best wristwatch. We love all watches but we have a particular preference for watches that are both memorable and accessible. And the pilot’s watch has a special place in our hearts.

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Watches of Italy

The first edition of Watches of Italy held in Tortona, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September 2020, provides an intriguing overview of Italian artisanal watchmaking.

watches of italy tortona

SIET 49 pilot's watch

The SIET Meccanica Firenze 49, presented at Watches of Italy 2020, is a precision-engineered timepiece with a distinctly pilot’s watch aesthetic.

Siet 49 pilot's watch

Xiaomi CIGA Design Full Hollow

The Xiaomi CIGA Design Full Hollow is an affordable mechanical skeleton watch with a cool, contemporary look. Read the hands-on review on our blog.

CIGA Design black skeleton watch

Longines Avigation L2.640.4

The Longines Avigation L2.640.4 is an attractive take on the large-size pilot’s watch at 47.5 mm diameter. Hand wound, it dates to 2000-2010.

Longines Avigation L2.640.4

Stowa Flieger Verus Sport 43

The Stowa Flieger Verus Sport 43 is a pilot watch with a 20 atm sport watch water resistance. Click to read more about the Stowa Flieger Verus Sport 43.

Stowa Flieger Verus Sport 43 pilots watch

Best pilot’s watches under €2000

Accessible pilot’s watches: this article presents the best pilot’s watches starting from €745. Read more about the best aviation watches under €2000

Guinand Starfighter Pilot Chronograph pilots watch