Rado and its fine touch in ceramics

imageRado has long specialized in the use of high-tech ceramics, very tough and scratch-resistant, for its watches, and its new range Esenza Ceramic Touch adds something new. As you can see, there is no crown on these watches. They are adjusted using sensitive areas built into the case. You just have to touch the case side in about the 8 o’clock position for a couple of seconds, and the watch indicates that it’s ready for adjustment by waving the minute hand a little. Then you use sliding movements on the top left or top right case side to adjust hour and minute hands forwards or back. Another touch at the 8 o’clock position confirms the settings, the watch emits a beep, and returns to normal mode. It’s a system that Rado has designed above all for women, though there is a dual time-zone version for men. It introduces a new form of interactivity, developing a personal relationship with your watch. The high-tech ceramic case has a stainless steel caseback and encloses a quartz movement. The watch is made in six versions, with white or black dial, different types of strap, size 33 x 42 mm, and 30 metres water-resistance. According to the version, its price ranges from $2,000 to $2,800.
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