A padded jacket inspired by Rolex

Speedometer Official is a brand based in Turin, making a variety of products inspired by Rolex watches. Apparently, while Rolex have many patents on their watches, they don’t have one for the two-colour rotating ceramic bezel that has become an immediately-recognisable feature. And so Speedometer Official was able to transfer the design into fashion accessories, initially bangles, and later belts, swimming costumes, T-shirts, cufflinks, and now this padded jacket. Which on the back displays a pattern of stitching that recalls one of the Rolex bracelets. The red and blue bezel motif appears on a flexible band running around the arm. Rolex doesn’t want to diversify horizontally? No problem, there are others ready and willing to do it.




Below, detail of the arm with two-colour bezel motif:


The Speedometer bracelets:


Swift Company Srl
Strada del Righino, 2
10131 Turin

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