H. Moser Concept Watch


In its most recent watches, H. Moser is showing attention not only to engineering, design and marketing, but also to the sociological aspects of watchmaking. The Concept Watch presented in May 2015 has a dial reduced to the bare minimum: the brand’s hallmark graded fumé dial, three hands, but no indices, logo, or any other dial indications. It shows that a watch with significant content can be identified without the need of a logo. Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser, said, “when our customers buy an H. Moser, they are looking for a manufacture watch with a distinctive design created by real craftsmen. We place the emphasis on the product, not on the logo or marketing.”

The visual interest is focused on the sunburst dial, which requires a complex production process based on traditional techniques. Another component of subtle complexity is the three-part case in white gold, with contrasting polished and satin-finished caseband and an alligator strap. At 40.8 mm diameter and 10.9 mm thick, it makes an unusual dress watch.


H. Moser in-house movement

The user can admire the traditionally-finished movement through the caseback. The Concept Watch has a hand-wound in-house movement, calibre HMC 343, with modular escapement for easier maintenance operations, and that other valuable, user-friendly indication for hand-wound watches – a power reserve indicator on the movement side. With a power reserve of just over seven days, this is a hand-wound watch that comes close to the convenience in use of an automatic.

H. Moser Concept Watch

Price and reference

The Concept Watch by H. Moser is reference 1343-0XXX, in white gold. Its price is 24,000 Swiss francs.

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