Sinn U212

The Sinn U212 (EZM 16) is a large diving watch, 47 mm in diameter and 14.5 mm thick, with a case and solid caseback entirely made in German Submarine Steel, with satin finish. It has been tested and certified for a range of characteristics, including water resistance (100 bar/1,000 metres), low pressure resistance, shock resistance, anti-magnetism to about 1,000 gauss, and functionality at a wide temperature range (-40-+80°C). In addition, it has Sinn’s proprietary dehumidifying technology which prevents the watchglass from fogging. The screw-down crown is placed at 4 o’clock to make the watch more comfortable to wear.

The U212 and its Ar anti-humidity protection

The dial is very clear to read and has an attractive balance. Even the small date window at 3 o’clock is balanced by the Ar logo at 9 o’clock, This refers to Sinn’s proprietary anti-humidity protection. A watch is always subject to the slow penetration of water in its gaseous form. At extreme points this can cause the watchglass to fog. But even without the watchglass fogging, humidity inside a watch can gradually deteriorate the lubricating oil, decreasing precision and the time to the next maintenance. The Sinn Ar programme is based on three features. A capsule containing copper sulphate absorbs humidity, turning blue as it does so. Its state can immediately be seen from outside: it is the small circular window at 6 o’clock on this watch. Second, Sinn watches with Ar technology are fitted with EDR (Extreme Diffusion Reducing) seals to decrease the entry of water vapour. Third, the watch is filled with a protective gas during assembly.

Sinn U212 diving watch

The timepiece is powered by the Sellita SW 200-1 self-winding mechanical movement, running at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hertz) and providing 38 hours power reserve. The crown has the stop-second function that stops the balance (and the seconds hand) when you pull out the crown to the time-setting position.

Sinn U212 diving watch, caseback

Strap options and prices

Sinn U212 diving watch

The watch is available with different strap options, leather, stainless steel bracelet, and silicone strap. It can be purchased directly online from the website Price for the watch with leather strap is €2,290; with stainless steel bracelet, €2,445; with silicone strap, €2,445.

Expanding straps

It would be expected that a large, technical watch such as this could be worn over a diving suit or (why not?) outside your outer garments when you’re cycling. In fact the silicone and stainless steel bracelets open in two successive stages to provide this capability. See photos below.

Sinn U212, expandable bracelet and silicone strap

Sinn U212, stainless steel bracelet, step 1

Sinn U212, stainless steel bracelet, step 2

Below, an illustration of the SuperLuminova.

Sinn U212 diving watch, Superluminova

Sinn U212

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