Hermès Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie

Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie, photp by Joel Von Allmen

It seems that Hermès is doing everything right. Its watches incorporate its exquisite leather craftsmanship. The brand gives its own names to its mechanical movements, justifiably, because it owns a 25% share of movement manufacturer Vaucher. It uses its vast design resources to create some interesting case and dial designs. And it is using its wide range of expertise in different materials to explore unusual watch patterns, such as pocket watches, and this quartz watch encased in a leather cuff. The Faubourg first appeared in 2014, and in 2015 it was given an all-leather cuff watch typology resembling 1930s precedents. In 2016, four versions in the series Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie were introduced, with dials in semi-precious materials, onyx, lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye and malachite, and baguette gemstones on the bezel.

Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie, photo by Sandro Campardo

The leather cuff is made in the Hermès company ateliers using traditional techniques, hand-sealing the edges and waterproofing the leather with beeswax. It has a rose gold pin buckle. The case is 19.5 mm in diameter, in rose gold, with bezel set with 36 gems, diamonds, emeralds, blue or brown sapphires. There are four diamonds for hour markers. Inside, the watch has a quartz movement providing hours and minutes. Water resistance is the standard 3 bar, 30 metres, no swimming or showering.

Hermès Faubourg Manchette dial detail

In the photo below, from left, dial in lapis lazuli set with 4 diamonds, bezel with 36 baguette-cut blue sapphires; dial in malachite set with 4 diamonds, bezel with 36 baguette-cut emeralds; dial in onyx set with 4 diamonds, bezel with 36 baguette-cut diamonds; dial in Tiger’s eye set with 4 diamonds, bezel set with 36 baguette-cut brown sapphires. Photos by Calitho. Prices start at 21,000 Swiss francs, €19,400.

Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie, four versions, photos by Calitho

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