Frederique Constant Analytics

Frederique Constant Analytics is a device that allows any owner of a mechanical watch to do what a watch repairer does with a time measurement microphone: measure the rate of the watch, and thus assess its accuracy. In a normal chronoscope by a brand such as Witschi, the microphone is on a stand that holds the watch and that can rotate to the six standard positions used for testing, with a connection to a multi-function timer that measures daily rate, amplitude and beat error. The price of these devices ranges from about $190 to over $1,000.

Frederique Constant Analytics

Frederique Constant has launched a much simpler and cheaper device, a clip incorporating a microphone, that connects to a smartphone. By downloading an app (iOS or Android) named, SwissConnect Analytics, anyone can measure the accuracy of their mechanical watch. You can place the watch in different positions and see how this affects precision, and this could enable a user to identify the best position in which to place the watch at night, when you take it off.
Once the Analytics Clip is clipped onto the watch and connected to the smartphone, the display shows the audio waveform. To display the precision, the user has to input the balance frequency. If you don’t know the frequency, there is an auto-detect function. The readings of rate are accurate to ±0.2s/day.

Frederique Constant Analytics

Measurements can be stored to the user’s cloud account, where successive readings can be stored to develop a long-term record of accuracy. This enables a watch owner to detect when servicing is necessary. As the lubricant oil ages, its viscosity changes and this can cause a change in balance rate.

It’s a nice device that enables you to learn more about your mechanical watch. You can purchase the Frederique Constant measuring clip online at

Price is €99.

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