Interview with Anura Rafael, creator of the Write Time tourbillon watch and fountain pen

“It is not through doing what everyone else does that you become someone,” says Anura Rafael. He grew up in Switzerland’s watchmaking heartland, and for over 15 years he has worked for major watch brands. Now he has set up his own enterprise, Anura Rafael, and has launched his first product, Write Time. This is is a tourbillon watch that can be converted into a fountain pen. I asked Anura some questions to find out more about how this project originated and his plans for the future.

Ambrose Lancaster: Could you tell me something more about your earlier career, for example some watches on which you have worked?

Anura Rafael: I worked more than 15 years behind the scenes, contributing to numerous horological projects for some of the world’s best-known brands but I am sorry, I cannot give you the brands or names of the watches.

A.L.: How did you have the idea for Watch TIme? Was it the result of a commission?

Anura Rafael: Numerous travels around the world and some persons I met have particularly inspired me. I was looking for something different and new that comes out of traditional watchmaking while remaining very technical. I spent also a lot of nights discussing with my father who is architect and inspired me a lot.

A.L.: Did you design the movement from scratch, or is it based on an existing movement? Did you work with a specialist movement designer?

Anura Rafael: I have designed the whole Write Time from scratch, also the movement. I worked with some of Switzerland’s most talented craftsmen and professionals, and that helped me a lot.

The Write Time by Anura Rafael, in its watch configuration

A.L.: Your press information says that development took 2 years. That seems to be very fast. How did you manage to work so quickly?

Anura Rafael: Actually it took me 2 additional years to work and finalize the design. When the design was finished it took me 2 years to find the right craftsmen and produce the first Write Time.

A.L.: Could you tell me about the future direction of your brand? Will you make any pure watches, or will you be making other unusual, hybrid products?

Anura Rafael: For the moment I will concentrate on the actual Write Time and in the coming years I plan to launch surprising projects.

A.L.: Thank you Mr. Rafael. To find out more about Write Time, click here to see Anura Rafael’s website.

Anura Rafael Write Time pen and tourbillon watch

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