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Limes was founded recently, though its roots date back to 1924, when Karl Ickler founded a company named simply Ickler in Pforzheim, Germany. Pforzheim’s importance as a centre for watches and jewellery runs back to much earlier, to 1767 when the Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden promoted the foundation of a watch factory in an orphanage in order to give the orphans a trade.

Today, Ickler manufactures cases, in addition to running its own watch brands. The company is currently managed by Thomas Ickler, the third generation of the family. Ickler began making watches for third-party clients in 1990, and a few years later they launched their own brand Limes, watches with high-quality movements in Ickler cases, assembled in the company factory in Pforzheim, Germany. The Limes range comprises the Pharo, Chryos and Endurance series. In addition to Limes and Archimede, Ickler also owns two other brands, Autran & Viala, and Defakto.


Ickler Gmbh
Hirsauerstr. 214
75180 Pforzheim, Germany
Tel. +49 7231 97290

New watches:

Limes Pharo Big Date with Power Reserve
Limes Pharo Day-Date

Limes Nightflight pilot’s watch
Limes Nightflight pilot's watch

Limes Pharo DayDate
Limes Pharo Day-Date

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