Vacheron Constantin Fifty-Six Complete Calendar 4000E-000A-B439

Top 10 complete calendar watches

The complete calendar watch, also known as full calendar or quantième complet, provides date, day, and month, and sometimes moon phase as well. But it doesn’t take into account the differing lengths of months, and neither the leap year cycle.

Frederique Constant FC-310LGDHB3B6

Top 10 open heart watches

Open heart watches have an aperture on the dial showing the balance. It’s part of the romantic side of mechanical watches, comparing the balance with the heart of a human body. The list is in ascending price order.

gareth southgate

Gareth Southgate and his watch at the World Cup

We know that Gareth Southgate is having a considerable effect on waistcoat sales in the UK – up 35%, say Marks & Spencer, official suppliers to the England team. His sharply-styled navy blue suit, worn with just the waistcoat over a light blue shirt and a regimental tie in the England colours – has made…

frederique constant slimline automatic

Watches and sex

What do watches have in common with sex? A semi-serious look at the different levels of watch sexiness, from the virtuous modesty of Rolex to the full-frontal nudity of Roger Dubuis.