Le Grand Mag amongst the big players in news media

With 280k subscribers, this publication dedicated to the luxury sector is as Grand as its name

The events of the last two years have increased the importance of digital publishing. Watch fairs have been cancelled, and even going to the newsagents to buy papers and magazines became more difficult at least for part of the lockdown. And so it is not surprising that the New York Times has highlighted some notable figures in terms of numbers of subscribers to online publications. This paper itself tops the list at 7.5 million, followed by The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Guardian. It is interesting that Le Grand Mag is well positioned at 280,000, on a par with Italian daily Corriere della Sera, and above other newspapers such as The Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times. This performance is particularly noteworthy considering that Le Grand Mag is dedicated to the niche sector of luxury. Not surprisingly, fine watches are an important part of its editorial coverage. Take a look at the digital version of this magazine at https://www.legrandmag.com/

Le Grand Mag digital subscribers worldwide

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