Vacheron Constantin Fifty-Six Complete Calendar 4000E-000A-B439

Top 10 complete calendar watches

The complete calendar watch, also known as full calendar or quantième complet, provides date, day, and month, and sometimes moon phase as well. But it doesn’t take into account the differing lengths of months, and neither the leap year cycle.

Kai Lenny riding

Ten watches for the beach

On the beach, you need a watch that can stand up to wind and water, a rubber or canvas strap, and a colourful appearance. Several brands have issued some pieces that fit the bill. Here is a selection in increasing price order. 1. Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba The Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba looks like a…

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante steel

Top 10 aviation watches

This selection comprises watches inspired by aviation, but without the Type A and Type B B-Uhr watches that are so numerous that they have categories for themselves, and likewise the early pilot’s watch genre that is also well-populated. This top ten list is in ascending price order. 1. Torsten Nagengast Timeline i16 Aviator Basic pilot’s…

Laco Pilot Watch Type B Replica

Top 10 Type B pilot’s watches 2017

B-Uhr pilot’s watches are all based on a specification by the RLM (Reichsluftfahrtministerium), the Ministry of Aviation in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. For its aircraft navigators, it specified watches whose characteristics were: 55mm diameter, very large for good legibility; movement with a Breguet-type balance spring; chronometer-tested movement; protection against magnetic fields provided by…

Top 10 watches 2015

This top 10 watches list is a subjective selection of the most interesting watches presented in 2015. 1. Stowa Rana This is a watch that shows how good design can give a completely new look to a watch with a classical ETA movement. It was born from a collaboration between Hartmut Esslinger, German-American designer now…