Avvent’Ora by Vincent Calabrese and NHC

Avvent’Ora by Vincent Calabrese and his company NHC (Nouvelle Horlogerie Calabrese) is a watch with a political mission. The watch has conventional hour and minute hands, and the dial has a trapezoidal window positioned between two hour markers. Every hour, this part of the dial rotates through 30°, and a trapezoidal aperture opens between adjacent hour markers and displays numerical symbols from different world cultures, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, English, German, Catalan, Latin and Greek. The first symbol is zero, corresponding to the 12 o’clock position, universally known.

Avvent'Ora by Vincent Calabrese and NHC

Calabrese – legendary watchmaker famous for having invented Corum’s Golden Bridge – has an approach to life hallmarked by an openness to other cultures, and this is perfectly expressed by this piece. Its name is an interesting piece of linguistics: Avvent’ora suggests adventure (avventura in Italian, Calabrese’s native language), and the “ora” refers to both “time” and “now.” Life is a constant adventure, but we are bound to time, and so we can only attempt to live each moment – the present – to the full. Below, the complete set of numerical symbols, shown on the caseback of the quartz version of the watch.

Caseback of the quartz version of Avvent'Ora by Vincent Calabrese and NHC

Avvent’Ora is 40 mm in diameter, and it is available in a range of dial colours, with different strap colours and the possibility of a stainless steel bracelet. You can choose between a quartz movement or an automatic movement. In the latter case it is an ETA 2892-A2 calibre that Vincent Calabrese has modified to provide the jumping-window function. This is a patented mechanism. The movement is self-winding, with a 42-hour power reserve. The version with a quartz movement is also unusual in that Calabrese has engineered it so that it powers a gear train that is identical to that of the automatic version. The quartz version has a caseback decorated with the symbols that feature on the dial. Below, the ETA 2892-A2 calibre with personalized oscillating weight.

Caseback, Avvent'Ora by Vincent Calabrese and NHC

Avvent’Ora by VIncent Calabrese’s NHC costs 9,800 Swiss francs in the automatic version, and 3,000 Swiss francs in the quartz-powered version. The option with a stainless steel bracelet costs an extra 400 francs. The price includes delivery. You can configure the watch on the official website, or you can contact NHC direct by email at ca@hora-nova.ch

Avvent'Ora by Vincent Calabrese and NHC

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