Stoic World pilot’s watch by Peter Speake-Marin

Stoic World is the name of a new project by Peter Speake-Marin, formerly watchmaker and designer at the brand that he founded, Speake-Marin, now watch commentator with The Naked Watchmaker. Stoic World is a partnership with Seiko Instruments, and its mission is to offer classical mechanical watches at affordable prices. In the same way that Peter’s website The Naked Watchmaker uncovers the mechanisms of the timepieces that he analyses, Stoic is intended to make mechanical watches available to a new generation of enthusiasts.

Stoic World pilot's watch by Peter Speake-Marin

A new brand, three watch types

The new company has connections with Hong Kong, London and Paris, and so presumably its watches are assembled in China, using Seiko movements and Peter Speake-Marin’s design skills. The collection currently comprises three watches, a Pilot’s watch, a chronograph with a quartz movement, and a sports watch with diving performance and a 24-hour GMT subdial.

Stoic World pilot's watch by Peter Speake-Marin

A variant on the classic pilot’s watch genre

It’s interesting that Peter chose a pilot’s watch to be the entry-level mechanical watch in the new collection. This piece has some of the classic pilot’s features such as the reference triangle at 12 o’clock, the bold numerals on a black dial, sword-shaped hands and central seconds, and even the rivet-fastened strap in Italian black leather. The double-hinged folding buckle adds a touch of luxury. The dial has some personalized touches, with sunray brushed finish, a fairly large brand logo, a date window at 3 o’clock, and differentiated levels for the central and peripheral parts. The watch is 38 mm in diameter and 13 mm thick, so easily wearable on just about all wrists. A nice touch is the 100 metres water resistance, making it an all-round sports watch, something that you can take to the beach or on a boat without any problems.

Stoic World pilot's watch by Peter Speake-Marin

Seiko calibre

The movement is the Seiko NH35A, a fine entry-level movement that Seiko themselves rate at an accuracy of -20/+40 seconds per day, but that can be regulated to much better than this. In the version used in this watch, the rotor is decorated with Geneva stripes. The display caseback sapphire crystal bears a printed quote from Seneca, “Nothing is ours except time,” with the brand name and logo. I personally would have preferred a caseback without any disturbance to the view of the movement, for example by engraving the quote onto the steel caseback frame, but evidently the philosophical aspect is important to Peter Speake-Marin, appearing in the brand name.

Stoic World pilot's watch by Peter Speake-Marin

Price and availability

The price of $390, inclusive of shipping, is very attractive, and evidently an important part of Peter Speake-Marin’s plan for this new brand. Affordable watches with sports performance and a touch of erudition as well. Further information from the Stoic website, where the watch can be purchased directly online.

Update September 2021: Stoic World watches is currently on hold, and Peter Speake is engaged primarily with his website The Naked Watchmaker..

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  1. Interesting, why he abandoned his speake-marin business and make this new project?

    Think speake-marin branded watches are impressive, while this new brand seemed so so.

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