Patek Philippe in top five lots at Hong Kong auction

At its first Hong Kong watch auction on 1 December 2015, Phillips sold watches by Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and others. The extraordinary value attained in particular by Patek Philippe as collectors’ items was shown by the fact that all top five lots were timepieces by this brand, and the top seller reached US$ 1,553,000, the highest price ever paid for a wristwatch at auction in Asia. Phillips recently opened its new Asian headquarters in the Landmark building in Central Hong Kong.

Here are the top 5 watches sold at the auction:

Patek Philippe Reference 3450

Extremely rare white gold automatic perpetual wristwatch, manufactured in 1985, sold for US$1,553,000 / €1,465,394. Lot 305.

Lot 305_Patek Philippe white gold automatic perpetual calendar wristwatch ref 3450-1500

Patek Philippe tourbillon watch

Stainless steel, open-face watch with one minute tourbillon regulator awarded first prize at the Geneva Astronomical Observatory for the timing contest on February 3, 1931, sold for US$624,279 / €587,956. Lot 315.

Lot 315_Patek Philippe stainless steel openface watch with one minute tourbillon regulator-1500

Patek Philippe Reference 5016

Platinum minute repeating perpetual calendar tourbillon wristwatch with retrograde date, moon phases and leap year indication, 2002, sold for US$500,454 / €471,380. Lot 352.

Lot 352_Patek Philippe tourbillon wristwatch ref. no. 5016, year 2002_ Lot 352-1500

Patek Philippe Reference 5004

Rare white gold perpetual calendar split seconds chronograph wristwatch with moon phases, leap year indicator and unusual salmon dial sold for US$423,064 / €398,554. Lot 344.

Lot 344_Patek Philippe white gold perpetual calendar split seconds chronograph wristwatch ref. no. 5004-1500

Patek Philippe Reference 3939

Platinum minute repeating tourbillon wristwatch with enamel dial, Breguet numerals, sold for US$384,368 / €362,190. Lot 139.

Lot 139_Patek Philippe platinum tourbillon wristwatch ref. no. 393-1500

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