Hamilton ODC X-03

At first sight the task of encapsulating the enormous distances of space into the restricted space of a watch seems impossible. But that is what the Hamilton ODC X-03 sets out to achieve. It depicts the view from the porthole of an imaginary spacecraft as it approaches a three-lobe space station in orbit above the planet Jupiter.

Hamilton ODC X-03

Concept by Interstellar production designer Nathan Crowley

It is a celebration of Hamilton’s special relationship with Hollywood, and one of their most recent film involvements, Interstellar. Two watches appeared in that film, and the ODC X-03 is the result of a collaboration between Hamilton and Insterstellar’s production designer Nathan Crowley. It’s visually interesting as a concept: the outside of the watch suggests the view from inside a spacecraft, and the inside of the watch – the dial – depicts what lies outside.

Hamilton ODC X-03

Three movements, one self-winding mechanical, two quartz

The ODC X-03 has three different movements, an automatic calibre (ETA 2671) for the local time, and two quartz movements for two different time zones, labelled Home and UTC. The movements are all independent and so they can accommodate all time zones, including the half-hour and quarter-hour zones, though given the small size of the two quartz displays with just an hour hand, readings will be approximate. The ETA 2671 is a small self-winging movement, 17.2 mm in diameter and 4.8 mm thick, usually used for women’s watches. It was introduced in 1971 with 17 jewels, but the version used in the ODC X-03 has 25 jewels. It runs at 4 Hertz and has a power reserve of 38 hours. The case-back is engraved with facts about Jupiter, such as size and temperature. Water resistance is 10 bar, 100 metres.

Hamilton ODC X-03 caseback

Complex dial

The ODC X-03 has a dial developed from a transparent base, with a 3D-printed depiction of the planet Jupiter, and the three subdials with black galvanic finish. The planet looks very convincing. The case is large at 49 mm by 52 mm, in titanium with PVD coating. Another attractive detail is the three crowns, which fold out when you have to use them. The watch has a textile strap with leather lining and a black PVD-coated titanium buckle.

Hamilton ODC X-03

Price and availability of the Hamilton ODC X-03

The watch is supplied in a spaceship airlock-type package. It is a 999-piece limited edition, and it is available from April 2017. Price is 3,500 Swiss francs, €3,350. Read more on the Hamilton website.

Hamilton ODC X-03 packaging

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